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  • A Must See Search Engine             instaGrok is a type of search engine that finds educational content and retrieves it in multiple formats, including web pages, images, videos and even forums. It filters out non-educational content and profanity, uses crowd sourcing to rate the quality of each search result, displays search results according to grade level difficulty, provides source notes, visualizes concepts in an interactive concept map, updates the concept map as you refine your topic. It also allows curation and tracking of your websites, concepts, student activities, and can generate multiple-choice questions from the search results. Students can use it to create editable research journals ("groks") and the groks will be populated with websites visited and the concepts covered. Teachers can review the ...
    Posted May 25, 2012, 10:42 AM by Anna Massi
  • Flip This: Bloom’s Taxonomy Should Start with Creating Loved this post in Mind Shift and wanted to share it with you. What thoughts come to mind? Backwards Design?,  Project Based Learning?,  Constructivist? Your good teaching never goes out of style -the blog is worth reading from a great blog site by KQED. Mind Shift 
    Posted May 25, 2012, 10:40 AM by Anna Massi
  • CUE Gold Disk Award I am humbled and honored to have received the CUE (Computer Using Educators) Gold Disk Award for 2011. The Gold Disk is CUE's oldest recognition program. The first Gold Disk was awarded in 1983 and since that time many members of the organization have received this honor. A Gold Disk is recognition of the recipient's contributions to CUE and to technology in learning. CUE members who have made a significant long-term commitment to CUE and its programs can be nominated to receive the Gold Disk. Gold Disks are intended to celebrate member contributions of time and talent to CUE.My sincere thanks to the Board of EBCUE for the nomination and to the CUE board for presenting ...
    Posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:00 AM by Anna Massi
  • EBCUE East Bay CUE  Cool Tools VII was a huge success. Thank you to the  Alameda County Office of Education, Contra Costa County Office of Education, the EBCUE board, and all who attended.  Attendance was the highest in the seven year history. If you attended the event, please remember to fill out the Cool Tools VII Evaluation. Your opinions will help in planning Cool Tools VIII!
    Posted Feb 10, 2011, 2:47 PM by Anna Massi
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Top 25 Web 2.0 Sites for Education by David Kapuler

Web 2.0 is a term that describes the second generation of the web and its collaborative and evolving nature. I've compiled a list of my favorite web 2.0 sites for education, focusing strictly on sites that have an educational portal//instance. What I mean by this is that each site has a section for teachers or a way of controlling the content that students produce. This can be done by educational accounts, monitoring by teachers, filtering, or other means. Most of these sites are free but may offer more services via paid subscription.

Top 25 Web 2.0 Sites for Education
  1. Google/Gaggle - Google Apps are some of the most popular services for document creation and collaboration. Gaggle (for a small fee) filters Google Apps (Zoho as well) to make it an ideal choice for education. Also, Gaggle allows for filtered blogging, chatting, messaging boards, and filtered videos in You Tube, etc.
  2. Edmodo - A wonderful free site that creates an educational environment for students that focuses on skills such as blogging and collaboration.
  3. Glogster - A great multi-media site for creating interactive posters that can be viewed online. Plus, student accounts can be created by an educator without the need of a student email.
  4.  Voice Thread - One of the most popular web 2.0 sites around. An ideal site for creating interactive presentations/slide shows.
  5. Myths & Legends - A free site that is wonderful for digital storytelling. All a teacher has to do is get approval from a school administrator to sign a school up for this great service.
  6. Animoto - Create dynamic slide shows with one of the most popular slide show creators on the web.
  7. Mixbook - A great way to create a safe and secure environment for students to create online or real books (for order).
  8. Prezi - The evolution of presentations has arrived with this zoomable presentation creator. Also, there is an educational portal in the works.
  9. Aviary Education - A safe, secure way that offers many services for students, such as photo editor, audio editor, and movie creator.
  10. Diigo - An ideal site for social bookmarking that allows teachers to create student account for sharing and annotating links.
  11. Weebly - A fantastic site for creating a student or teacher websites with the ability to blog.
  12. ToonDoo Spaces - One of the best online comic creators that allows for student accounts.
  13. Kidblog - One of the top ways for students to create blogs in a safe environment.
  14. Primary Access - A nice site for digital story telling that allows students to use a variety of different resources such as video, audio, photos, etc.
  15. Zoho Wiki - Similar to Google Apps, this online suite offers a secure way for students to create docs and share.
  16. Kerpoof - A multi-media site for creating stories, games, lessons, etc.
  17. Zimmertwins - A fun site for digital storytelling that is done by creating one student account for a class.
  18. SymbalooEdu - A great visual way for teachers to share sites and resources with students.
  19. Pixton - An excellent way to create online digital comics that is moderated by a teacher.
  20. Zunal - A fantastic webquest creator for teachers.
  21. Alice Storytelling - One of the best ways to learn about the basics of programming as well as digital storytelling (a free pc download).
  22. Story Jumper - A great way for students to create real or online stories and then have the ability to order a book.
  23. Storybird - A fun site for collaborative and digital storytelling.
  24. Magic Studio - A wonderful site for teachers to share multimedia resources with students.
  25. Museum Box - A great historical site for teachers and students to create multimedia projects.

Promethean Activinspire

Here you will find training flipcharts and resources for Activinspire.

About the Trainer

I am a Technology Specialist and Google Certified Trainer with over 30 years of classroom teaching experience, specializing in K-8 schools. I have been instrumental in building fully integrated networks and classroom systems that support 21st century learning and assisted in the migration of schools and districts to Google Apps for Education.
I provide professional development that encourages engaged student learning with the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. As a Google Certified Trainer, I have experience in training administrators, IT personnel, teachers, students, and parents. I can provide on site:
- Professional development adapted for all levels of users
- Hands-on training for administrators, support staff, teachers, students, and parents
- Practical ideas for immediate use with students and co-workers 

As a member of the EBCUE Board of Directors, I keep connected with technology leadership throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and have organized and been a speaker at Bay Area user groups as a qualified Promethean trainer. I am available to conduct workshops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am honored to have received the 2011 CUE Gold Disk Award for contributions to CUE (Computer Using Educators) and to technology in learning.
More from David Kapuler

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools
  1. 19 Pencils - 19Pencils is the easiest way for teachers to discover, share and manage web-based educational content with students. A teacher can create quizzes, websites, track students, and more.
  2. ACMI Generator - This is a great site for older students for digital storytelling and creating a storyboard scene with a script.
  3. Animoto - Create wonderful looking slideshows that includes, video, images, music, and more.
  4. Aviary Education - A safe private environment to use Aviary's suite of online tools for: audio, video, and image editing.
  5. Boom Writer - BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before!
  6. Classtell - A nice site for teachers to create an educational website.
  7. Diigo - Social bookmarking for teachers where they can create free student accounts.
  8. Dropbox - A great way to share and collaborate on documents on a number of different electronic devices.
  9. Edmodo - A wonderful safe/secure learning environment for teachers and students. A nice all-in-one solution for education.
  10. Educaplay - A excellent way to create interactive multimedia educational activities.
  11. Every1Speaks - A learning platform where students learn through collaborative enquiry-based learning.
  12. Gaggle - A excellent suite of online learning tools for filtered: emailing, messaging, forums, and more.
  13. Glogster - Creating collaborative and interactive posters in this safe environment. A wonderful and very popular web 2.0 tool.
  14. GoAnimate - A terrific way to create custom animations with an educational portal.
  15. Google Apps for Education - Does it really get much better than this?
  16. Gnowledge - A wonderful site to create collaborative online quizzes, share resources, view others quizzes, and more. Excellent tech support and tutorial videos as well.
  17. Grockit Answers - A great teaching tool to create a Q/A session for any YouTube video.
  18. Kidblog - A fantastic way to create a safe environment for students to blog in. Everything is controlled by the teacher as a moderator.
  19. Kerpoof - Lots of educational activities can be found here such as: make a movie, draw a picture, and more.
  20. Kubbu - A free site for teachers to create games, quizzes, or crosswords and then share them with students and view/analyze their results.
  21. Little Bird Tales - A wonderful free site for digital storytelling that allows kids to record and narrate their story.
  22. Live Binders - Is an excellent site for creating an online binder to collect and share resources with others.
  23. MentorMob - One of my favorite new sites for curating the web into learning "playlists." This is an innovative way to teach a lesson, unit, or any given topic.
  24. Mixbook - A great site for digital storytelling in a safe environment. Educators get a discount on printed books.
  25. Musicshake - Legal, copyright, free music for every student in your school - created by students, right from a browser.
  26. Myths & Legends - One of the best free sites around for digital storytelling in a safe environment with lots of characters, themes, and objects to choose from.
  27. PhotoPeach - An excellent site for creating slideshows and creating and managing student accounts.
  28. PikiFriends - A fun safe environment for online pen pals for middle school and high school students.
  29. Pixton - A great way to motivate students by creating digital stories using this comic creator.
  30. PresentationTube - A nice windows app for creating presentations out of PowerPoint slides.
  31. Prezi - A excellent site for creating zooming slideshows and presentations.
  32. Primary Access - A free suite of online tools for students and teachers to create digital movies, storyboards, and other activities.
  33. Primary Wall - A real-time collaboration tool that allows students and teachers to create a page of online sticky notes. Great for mind mapping and brainstorming!
  34. Skype in the Classroom - A great collaboration tool for classrooms to video or audio chat with other educators and students.
  35. SideVibe - Turn bookmarked web content into blended classroom lessons.
  36. SlideRocket - All you need is a Google Apps account to use this free tool to creating stunning presentations.
  37. SpellingCity - One of the best sites around for teaching and learning Spelling and Vocabulary. A very user-friendly and engaging site to use.
  38. Storybird - A fantastic site to inspire students to read & write through the use of digital storytelling.
  39. StoryJumper - A great site for digital storytelling where students can incorporate their own art, publish online, share with others, or order a print copy.
  40. SymbalooEDU - A wonderful way to organize educational sites into one location for students.
  41. Triptico - A great free tool for teachers to help create, share, and edit interactive lessons.
  42. ToonDoo Spaces - Create a private and safe environment for digital storytelling through the use of an online comic.
  43. VoiceThread - One of the most popular web 2.0 sites around for creating dynamic and interactive slideshows and presentations. Also, another great tool for digital storytelling.
  44. Webspiration - From the creators of Inspiration comes this excellent web portal for creating mind maps, brainstorms, outlines, and more.
  45. Weebly - Create a free class/student blog or website.
  46. Wolfram Alpha - There is now an educational portal for Wolfram's computational search engine. This portal contains dynamic textbooks, lesson plans, widgets, interactives, and more.
  47. Yacapaca - A nice free all-in-one solution for schools for creating quizzes, surveys, assessments, and more.
  48. YouTube for Schools - Access 1000s of YouTube videos in a controlled environment without having to worry about comments.
  49. Zimmer Twins - A great site for digital storytelling with an educational portal.
  50. Zoho Wiki - A nice site for educators to create online interactive content.
David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at dkapuler@gmail.com and read his blog at cyber-kap.blogspot.com.